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Find answers to some of the more common questions we receive. Don't see what you're looking for? Book a meeting with our Sales Team.

  • Who employs our team members?

  • All local payroll taxes, benefits, and compliance provided by subsidiary of Delegate CX LLC

  • Is a long-term contract required?

  • Good news! We don’t require a long-term contract. However, we do have a 60-day written termination notice.

  • Other than the cost of the team members, are there any additional costs?

  • The cost per team member covers all direct employee costs as well as hardware, team management expenses, office space (if applicable), and more. We also charge $1,700 per month for the Implementation process while it is going (usually for only 1-3 months) Additionally, if there is any company or industry specific software or phone service needed, you are responsible for those costs.

  • Is there a standard agreement?

  • Yes, our General Terms and Conditions Apply are in our basic Services Agreement and are available upon request

  • What is included in the Implementation Fee?

  • For 1-3 months, we'll be very hands-on in making sure your team understands their tasks/processes and completes them to your liking. This includes 1-3 meetings per week in which we watch, record, and document whatever processes you’d like. Trust us, this is the key to a successful program!

  • Does my team member receive any time off?

  • Yes, your team member will receive one paid leave day per month per team member (accrued)

  • What are the payment terms?

  • Because this acts much like payroll, we require up front payment with net 15 terms.

  • How strong is their English?

  • In The Philippines, everyone learns English from birth, though they also learn their native tongue (usually Tagalog). You’ll notice that accents vary which is why we recommend going through the hiring process. Sometimes strong accents are not a problem. Other times, you’ll need Advanced English for the role.

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